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Since 1970 we serve a vast range of Customers, between them there are several world famous sector leader.
The parts we produce are used into so many application fields; several things we daily use contain parts produced by RTM.
Our experience and our skills allow us to satisfy different needs for almost any kind of production; to the date we are focusing specifically on:

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- Liquid and gas fluid management (pneumatics, gasses management, hydraulics);
- Automotive and Trains production;
- Machinery production (for Industrial applications, Food & Beverage, Packaging);
- Medical & Sanitary equipments;
- Design Forniture;
- Professional and Hobbistic equipments;
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Of course, we can apply our knowledge to other further applications.
So, it is very important to us to to keep under controll our production processes.

By utilizing our QUALITY SYSTEM ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED (click to download the certificate) we monitor and keep the control of our processes aiming to the continuous improvement.
Click here to download our COMPANY VISION AND QUALITY POLICY (available in Italian version only).

By our trained and specialized personell, the operative procedures and the advanced measurement and control devices (we also have an apposite air-conditioned metrology room), we realize every production monitoring every aspect/matter.
The constant and constructive interaction with all of our interlocutors is the basis of our activities aiming to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.