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Great PASSION for TURNING... since 1970

RTM Srl was founded in 1970 by Mr Pietro Righele in Schio in the North of Vicenza (Italy) and for more than 50 years is producing high precision custom made parts for many worldwide Customers.
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RTM is a medium sized company; we have high ambitions aiming to improve the environment where we live.

With our knowledge and experience we want to make our best contribution to build a world where technology supports people's lives.

WE WISH that people in the world can gain more free time to dedicate to family and their personal improvement by using the machines and the devices in which our products are present.

WE WISH to grow by forging strong and profitable professional and human relationships with our Customers/Partners/Interlocutors; this is part of our mission "to contribute to the growth of all the people and companies that will come into contact with us and, with the flexibility that has always distinguished us, we intend to be protagonists together for a dynamic future".

Our Customers operate in many and different application fields; each one of them have different needs and different expectations.
This is very important to us.
RTM is organized in order to produce pieces/parts which are custom made for every single Customer; our long term experience and our skills allows us to resolve every day the technical matters that our Customers bring to our attention.

Since 1970 ... giving SOLUTIONS and MAKING POSSIBLE the Ideas of our Customers.